Monday, October 31, 2011

My Beloved Purple Poet

A shadow comes swiftly over my aching heart
as I see my love turn away and leave
I am here I try to shout. But he does not notice.
My tears began to fall. My heart begins to ache.

A barrier had stood in my way
preventing me from being with the one I love.
Even though I beat at it
till my hand were bloody and raw.

Still I failed to reach my love
and hold him in a tender embrace.
Now I sink to my knees,
Cold, desolate and alone.

Eyes blinded by tears I stagger about
wandering the cold empty streets in darkness.
Suddenly there comes a warm gentle breeze
caressing my cheek like a lover.

Like a gift given unexpectedly
your voice in my heart does appear.
Gently you remind me you never left.
You were with me all along.

Music swells within me
Compelling as I sway and dance
It unfolds dramatically within my chest
bursting through with haunting intensity.

Color blooms then all around me
and the sun shines on my face.
Every thing beautiful that I see
reminds me of you, my love.

Far better then a prince,
you are my Purple Poet.
The world is at your feet,
the heavens your crown.

Yet some how you noticed me,
a girl simple and plain.
Your love has made me shine and bloom
into something beautiful and noble.

How wonderful you are
so delightful in every way.
Never has something from heaven
been as magnificent and brilliant like you.

Even though a few days away from you
seems like an eternity of agony to me.
I will hope and cling to your love
longing always for your swift return.

When you return to me at last!
My heart will song for joy!
My Prince! My Poet! I love you so!
You are my golden purple boy!