Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Proposal

Purple lines are Kal's, red are mine.

In the early light of the day
With the sunrise on display
When everything is fresh and new
A dazzling expanse of a sparkling blue
I think about you my love
And I ‘bout you my turtle dove
And face the morning with a smile.
To help us face each step, each mile

Even though I can't see you face to face
I know of your beauty, your charm and your grace
I know that you are as beautiful as a sunset.
The one in my life I could never forget
Like the colors that dance across the sky
And the wings of love that let us fly
So is your brilliance that shines out from your soul.
For you make me complete, each a part of a whole

From the beginning when I first met you
I knew what we had was delightful and true
Inspiration filled me and left me with wonder
The sound of our laughter is louder than thunder
Delighted I eagerly sought you and found
A person so precious, her kindness abounds
A boy both gentle and full of fun.
A girl adored by everyone

Intelligence shone through like a beacon
May her ingenuity never weaken
Mixed with a heavy dose of talent and creativity.
Her skill with words is a natural proclivity
Your gifts seemed endless, your kindness deep as the ocean
You are to me a shining star, so strong is my devotion
You are more precious then any diamond, ruby, or pearl.
You are greater than a queen , you’re my lovely, happy girl

Friendship with you was tranquil and blissful
Friendship with you filled my heart with such joy
Hilarity came and we dueled each other.
For you are my girl and well, I am your boy
All I ever wanted was to be in your arms.
And dance away the night whilst admiring your charms
Be it duel or dance I was lost in your charm
And I vowed I’d protect you from pain and from harm

Now come dance with me again my love,
I spin so jouyously with you my dear
Take my hand as the sun sets above.
And the moon will soon appear
With the twinkling of stars as the only light
Bequeathing a romantic air to the night
I will twirl you around and fall into your arms.
As I am enraptured by your kindness and charms

Let me gaze for just a moment
For a minute oh so potent
At face of my golden purple poet.
And my love for you I show it
My breath has left me and my heart has quickened.
My pulse is racing my blood has thickened
I drop on one knee and gently take your hand.
And I run it through your chocolate hair, caressing every strand

Bowing over with your hand held close to my heart
I think back to the early days, the beginning, the start
I tremble with ache for my love comes bursting through
I embrace my sweetheart, in the early morning dew 
It is almost too much as I kneel before you
As our love once again is experienced anew
Then the words I long to say come flowing out like a song.
For these words I have waited, I’ve waited so long.

Dearest Octaboona,
Kallista my love
I love you so much!
I love you! I love you!
Will you do me the honor
And also the pleasure
Of becoming my husband?

Marry me, my Love!
My dear why of course!
I promise I will
For it came from the heart
Always cherish you
Always adore you
Forever and a day.
No one can take you away

I am not asking you
I know you never would
To leave part of your heart behind.
For you are loyal, sweet and kind
Quinn will always be loved
As is just. As is right.
And part of our lives.
Bringing happiness.

She is equally loved
By us both
I know this and it is right.
So very true
She's in my heart too
Never forgotten
Without her I would fall.
And so would we all

She came to us and I knew
And I felt it too
That destiny brought us together
To that end I endeavour
Our lives have become intertwined
The joining of the soul and mind
With friendships meant to last forever.
Never broken. Never. Never.

If you say yes, my dreams will have come true
And I know that my heart will be blessed if I do
If you say no, I will set you free.
But if I said no would that really be me?
But no matter where you go, my love will follow.
And I’ll treasure it always, for filling a hollow
I will be there for you as a friend if not a lover.
And I’ll be there as both, and companion and brother

I ask again on bended knee.
The question will you marry me?
While holding out to you a purple rose
I weep with joy at watching you propose
A diamond ring tied on with silk
But not as beautiful as someone of your ilk
Sparkling in a dazzling display.
A wondrous gift for a wondrous day

Marry me my love.
I feel a magnificent thrill
I eagerly await your answer.
And waiting is the best enhancer
Marry me, beloved Octa.
Yes, dear Kal, of course I will
Let our hearts beat as one together.
Let our lives be entwined forever and ever


  1. HE SAID YES! My happiness knows NO BOUNDS! *hugs and kisses him*
    Thank you dearest Octa. I love you.

  2. Congrats, you two!

    (And I will keep asking you to be allowed to be a dove until you say yes... REG ^^ )

  3. *hugs both* OMG CONGRATUALTIONS MY DEAR FREINDS! *hugs both* im really happy for you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OMGZ YAYYYYYY! I love you both, and I'm so, so excited that you can be together. :D


    *hugs both of them*

  6. This makes me so happy I'm crying like... like a mother at a wedding. :-D Congratulations and love to you both!

  7. Congratulations, you two! May happiness follow you everywhere!

    *hugs Kal and Octa*

  8. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeees*

    Thanks guys!

    *hugs all back*


  9. Oh my god I'm litterally so happy right now I'm crying!

    Congratulations! Yes! Yes yes yes! Oh my god Congratulation! Congrats!

    *spins around, throwing purple flower petals everywhere*


    *weeps with joy for them*


  11. CONGRATS! *gives a wedding yacht*