Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Chanukah, Octa!

The thief in black eyed the chap in purple
In her right hand was a tiny mistletoe
With careful steps she did approach
But when leaning over to give a kiss
She found her boy had given her the slip

Dismayed she looked all around
Just in time to see him disappear
Out the door and into the cold
To catch the bus that went to town.

Not to be undone by the silvery bus
She chased it down running behind
Catching every pebble thrown up by tires
Every splash from a puddle left from winter rain

But she held onto that little mistletoe
Determined to reach her beloved boy
A Christmas kiss she would give him
Then one for the fifth of Chanukah

When the bus stopped suddenly she slipped on ice
And into the back of the bus she collided
Left an imprint bold of the thief in black
To be forever admired by the cars that followed

Out departed her hero as he whistled a happy tune
Strolling into a building with a grand facade
Never seeing the woebegone thief get snagged
On the bus that started to pull forward and away

Flailing arms gave way to screams of distress
Yet over the rumbling hum of the engine
her panicked cries were not heard as the bus
Sped down the rode with the thief in black

Helpless the thief dangled over the pavement
Yet still holding to her heart the dear little mistletoe
It was somewhere between the streets Roe and Pine
The thief was let loose falling with a smack spread eagle

Staggering she stood on trembling legs
Only to catch the full frontal of the cold bleak wave
From passing vehicles bent on their destinations
No thought to the smallish figure of the thief in black.

Octaboona, my love. Nothing will keep me from you
She spoke through clattering teeth as onward she marched
Back to the city where her beloved boy last had been
Still clutching the mistletoe, yearning for a sweet kiss.

How long she pressed on she could not recall
Past dogs that chased her tackling her to the ground
People in a hurry who trampled her under their feet
Invisible she felt yet clutching to hope with the torn mistletoe

At last she stood before him for there he was waiting
Outside that elegant building dressed finely in white and black
To him not a word spoken for she though he would not see
Yest his eyes lit up when he saw her, in his arms went the thief in black

Gallantly he swept her into a warm room filled with light
Into a ballroom splendidly lit with candles, filled with magic
Wordlessly she held out the once pretty delicate branch
He took it with a flourish and placed it in a vase filled with water

Look up he said gently in a voice that was most tender
In wonder she did so, her eyes widening, her breath left her
For once where there was a ceiling now covered in mistletoe
All hanging round with leaves vibrant green and tied up in purple

Sweeping her off her feet he whirled his silly girl into a dance
Now wherever they went on that shiny wooden ballroom floor
Her deepish wish she would get as he stopped for a sweet kiss
Countless it when on for the night much to the delight of the thief in black.

She got her Christmas wish and her Chanukah one too
Her golden purple boy in her arms where he belonged
And all the honey kisses that she could ever hope for and more
That took her to the highest heavens to sing with the angels and back.

Happy Chanukah Octaboona and a Merry Christmas too.
I love you so much !
Hugs forever and a day


  1. My love! That poem was so beautiful. And it had a happy ending too! I'm so glad :)
    A sweet and talented writer you are indeed!

    *hugs and kisses*

    Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas Kal!

    I love you with all my heart.


    i would like you to check this blog out

    Wow this is amazing!

    *hugs Kal and Octa*